How to Use LogMeIn

I thought of putting aside the idea of making a tutorial about LogMeIn for it’s so easy. I told myself, I might not be able to come up with atleast 30 slides. Good thing the topic that I preferred to substitute LogMeIn is the type that is hard to teach using powerpoint, so I decided to take a second look at LogMeIn. Why it’s a good thing? Because I indeed enjoyed doing the powerpoint tutorial for LogMeIn! I was amazed of the program’s features. Below is the tutorial so check it out and be amazed as well 🙂


How to use Windows Movie Maker

At first, I was hesitant to make a powerpoint tutorial about this for I thought it’s difficult to create a movie. Well I’m totally wrong because it’s so easy and I even enjoyed it. I enjoyed because I used my niece’s and nephews’ videos and pictures. So, here it is. Happy Movie Making!




How to use Sage Billing Boss

It’s amazing that we can use this program for free. I find it helpful especially for small-scale entrepreneurs that have limited finances at the moment. Also, it gives an impression of professionalism on the part of the entrepreneur which is essential to build a strong and happy relationship with customers. Below is the tutorial and I hope you find it interesting.

How to Use Jing

Jing program helped me big time in making powerpoint tutorials. I don’t have to crop the image, that means more time for productivity. I can capture the image I want to use easily and quickly.

Even if you are not making a powerpoint tutorial, Jing can help you. Let’s say you want to ask or explain something to someone online, all you have to do is capture that image and send it or better create a 5 minute video and send it to the person via a convenient link. That’s how simple life is with Jing!

How to use Google Docs Office Tool–Document

I thought Google Docs Document (one of the office tools) is just like MS Word where we create documents. The interesting feature of Google Docs Document and the rest of the office tools is the ability to work on a document(project) with friends or co-workers. You can see changes being made on the document in real time, even interact through chat! That will mean better or even great result for the team.

How to Use GE.TT

What I like about GE.TT program is the ability to share what you want to share to the world easily. If ever you want to share your message to a lot of people, you don’t need to have all their email addresses. You can just tell or have them copy your link and they will be directed to your message easily. So go ahead share, share and share more!

How to Use Dropbox

Dropbox program is as simple as dropping into a box anything you wish to keep or send out. Just like what we used to do whenever we want to use the snail mail service. With Dropbox you can save a trip to the post office. Just upload the file you want to share to your loved ones or clients then send them a convenient link that way they don’t have to sign up for a Dropbox account. Easy isn’t it?

Just to share, last night I was in an internet cafe and realized that I have to save what I was doing but I don’t have a USB with me. Then I remember Dropbox and so I uploaded what I need to save and opened it when I got home. Did I mention that you can share upto 2 GB for free? 🙂