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Communication Skills Enhancement Training

This is a short presentation I made for Contact Center Services students.



How to Create Custom Thumbnail for Youtube Videos

This is one of the tutorials I did for my client, so that if ever I can’t work for some reasons, she can have someone do it and it will save her time of teaching the other person on how to do things. Hope this helps you.  

How to add Captions on YouTube

When my client asked me to add captions on her YouTube videos, in my mind I was like — for what? You see my client is a voice coach and I don’t see the point of having captions on her videos for the viewers want to hear her and not read! But she’s the boss (Smile) and so I did it. Then while researching on how to do it, I found out that captions are useful for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as for those who speak other languages. How wonderful! This is now my say about putting captions on videos. 🙂 Hope you find this tutorial helpful.

Beautiful Flower

Just sharing this beautiful flower. As the saying goes, “Take time to smell the flowers”. To me, that means taking a real break (enjoying the food you eat, thinking of more important things apart from work, calling a family member, or just simply chatting with a close friend in the office for a few minutes) in the middle of a busy day. I wonder what it really means and so I googled it. I found several interpretations, but this is the best. It says, “Finding the time to do things that matter to us. Slowing down, prioritizing and getting our acts together”. It would be wonderful if we can do that, isn’t it?

How to Use LogMeIn (with voice-over)

Here is the tutorial I created on using the program LogMeIn.

How to Use LogMeIn

I thought of putting aside the idea of making a tutorial about LogMeIn for it’s so easy. I told myself, I might not be able to come up with atleast 30 slides. Good thing the topic that I preferred to substitute LogMeIn is the type that is hard to teach using powerpoint, so I decided to take a second look at LogMeIn. Why it’s a good thing? Because I indeed enjoyed doing the powerpoint tutorial for LogMeIn! I was amazed of the program’s features. Below is the tutorial so check it out and be amazed as well 🙂

How to use Windows Movie Maker

At first, I was hesitant to make a powerpoint tutorial about this for I thought it’s difficult to create a movie. Well I’m totally wrong because it’s so easy and I even enjoyed it. I enjoyed because I used my niece’s and nephews’ videos and pictures. So, here it is. Happy Movie Making!